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Nepal House Restaurant & Bar

The inception of Nepal House Restaurant can be attributed to the lack of quality eateries in Nepal. As a restaurant, we have struggled to come to terms with the standards the Nepali consumer is accepting on a daily basis. We wanted to take our years of restaurant experience and provide the average consumer with an alternative that delivers a high-quality product at a very affordable price.  Our goal is to uplift the Nepali brand so that the everyday consumer will demand new standards from the market for themselves. Our main aim is to provide friendly Service to the delicious food.The only way we believe, we can do best is by continuing to give our Guest better standards of Quality, Service and hygiene. Foreseeing a world of progress where we discover new realms of customer satisfaction. Starting as a friendly neighborhood store, we group which has based its development on its founding values of honesty, innovation and friendliness.Our position in the Nepal is pushing us to further develop our retail/Hospitality activities by reinforcing our brand visibility and develop new retail/ Hospitality formats under the Nepal House brand in the country of Nepal.

Following  the economic liberalization of the 80’s and 90’s, an influx of market participation and consumer culture has characterized the growing middle class in Kathmandu. In recent years, the rise of this economic middle class has brought many forms of social change throughout the city. One reflection of this change is the rapidly developing restaurant business and urban foodculture. In the past, Kathmandu’s restaurants were primarily visited by tourists and the upper-class elite. Now, Nepalese are dining in 'western-style’ restaurants with increasing frequency.(As per article Restaurant Business and Nepal’s Urban Middleclass)Due to change in lifestyle of Nepalese people, the trend of celebrating different life events like birthday, anniversary, family and friends gathering etc. in restaurant is increasing gradually in Nepal. So it’s agreat opportunities for restaurant to gain competitive advantage by being different in this crowd. Life style of people, Income, Ambience, variety  of food ,time constraints and Easy accessibility are the factor influencing consumer preference for restaurant.


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To be our guests’ trusted and favorite choice for Nepali, Indian, Continental, Various kinds of Chinese food and other foods , fast casual dining experience.


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